Where do Jerry Garcia and Punk Rock cross paths?

Let’s start in the early 80s with the greatest punk-rock-hardcore band of all time, Black Flag. They were and still are big fans of Dead! Black Flag alumnus Henry Rollins shared:

“I was in a band called Black Flag. Our roadie Tom was our road crew’s t-shirt salesman, and he was a dead guy. He followed The Dead when he wasn’t with us. , and he had a suitcase of tapes I heard he had the 45 minute “Dark Star” or that really fun show where Bill Graham bet the band they couldn’t play Blues for Allah all at once, and I started dubbing these tapes of him. Because as soon as I heard them, I loved them. And so, with my meager income – I was making money at the time – I was buying used copies of Aoxomoxoa, hymn of the sun, The worker is dead. Early death.

While Black Flag founder and lead guitarist Greg Ginn said, “My favorite band has always been and still is the Grateful Dead.”

Jerry Garcia with The Warlocks (before they changed their name to Grateful Dead) were the in-house band for Ken Kesey’s Electric-Kool-Aid-Acid-Tests. Jerry Garcia is a guitar god. Another time I was watching Dave Chapelle half cooked, and I decided to hit the DMT. I opened my eyes and saw this scene:

by Dave Chapelle half cooked masterpiece is truly the CIA turning their sleekest rock star, JERRY GARCIA, into a Marvel-level superhero! However, for many of us in the real world…Jerry Garcia was and always will be on par with Tony Iommi…just across the library. Jerry had so much grace and humility. That’s why thousands of “Deadheads” have followed it as a religious cult for over 30 years. Plus, many music lovers say it’s entirely possible that if the Grateful Dead hadn’t been doing their thing in the mid to late ’60s, punk rock would never have been invented by the Ramones.

That being said, “The Barn at Mt. Crowley” will host Miami’s only “Jerry Garcia Punk Rock Birthday Bash” this Sunday, July 31, 2022. The event will begin at 4:20 p.m. and continue until sunset. Participating artists include:

Echo Beauty Terror

Black Mayonnaise

Gucci Worker

Rat Bastard

Bitter Lake

And others.

The barn at Mt. Crowley is located at 14300 SW 192n/a Street 33177.

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Diana J. Carleton