Watch the Ramones try to keep their punk rock cool in a nerdy European TV pop show

It may have failed to chart in the US and UK, but Ramones’ rock ‘n’ roll high schoolrecorded for the soundtrack to the 1979 film of the same name, struck a chord with the record-buying public in the Netherlands, eventually reaching number 8 in the Dutch Top 40 on March 22, 1980.

With the single climbing the charts and Da Bruddahs in Holland to play Amsterdam’s iconic Paradiso venue on February 11, 1980, it only made sense to the producers of the weekly TV show. TopPop (the Dutch equivalent of top pops) to contact Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky to ask them to perform/mime on the show that spring.

Naturally, given the presence of punk rock royalty among them, the TopPop the producers decided to pull out all the stops for the guys from Forest Hills, Queens: and what could scream ‘punk rock’ more than a professional dance troupe posing as teenagers from the 1960s. 1950?

To their credit, the professionals that they were, the Ramones were able to ignore the distraction of suspiciously mature “students” hitting their desks on either side of the soundstage as they walked to “1-2-3- 4”. their latest high-quality punk rocket, retaining their cool punk rock air even when the ‘kids’ left their seats and started tossing themselves into the air in the age-old recreation of 1950s American teenagers.

These hit singles weren’t earned in Europe you know…

Watch the punk rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ unfold below:

Last year, Johnny Ramone’s 1965 Mosrite Ventures II guitar, used on all of the Ramones’ albums, sold for a whopping $937,500 at auction, an indication of the quartet’s iconic status.

Diana J. Carleton