Punk Rock Flea Market Welcomes Cafe Trenton

It was a blustery day on Sunday, December 12 as vendors pitched their tents at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Trenton to keep them from blowing away. The temperature was in the upper 40s and Jersey’s strong gusts required hot drinks, so TPRFM attendees grabbed a cup of coffee. One stall in particular was very busy throughout the day: the One Up, One Down cafe, a Trenton staple.

The store started selling at TPRFM in 2019 and has frequently participated in the market. “And the goal is, of course, to sell our freshly roasted coffee beans and promote the fact that they’re literally being burnt right around the corner,” said co-owner Natalie Rockwell.

She stood out in a hood and windproof jacket serving the line that was coming. “Of course, I brew as much as I can in our cafe before I come,” Rockwell said. As the day progresses, it starts slow but begins to transition from caffeinated to decaffeinated, but all hot and ready for customers. “It starts to get more and more popular as the day progresses; it’s our decaffeinated Columbia. We only make naturally decaffeinated beans.

One Up One Down Coffee aspires to make Trenton the new go-to coffee center

Rockwell talked about the variety of coffees they serve, such as Ethiopia, which is one of the best coffees sold at TPRFLM. The coffee is coming with some citrus, cherry, milk chocolate sparkle and a present and friendly mouthfeel, as explained on the cafe’s website.

Brooklyn’s Matt Kuyawa and a Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market attendee, said it was a place to visit the next time they were in the area. “It’s an Ethiopian coffee that I described as a bit fruity. A little honey and it’s very good. I’ve never had their coffee, but it’s pretty good… I don’t live around here. So it’s unlikely to happen, unfortunately. But it is a delicious coffee and I would definitely drink it again.”

Rockwell gave a reason for their delicious coffee. “We only have a medium roast,” Rockwell said. “We retain all flavor nuances. All coffees taste different depending on where they are grown in the world, but Dark Roast, you tend to burn a lot…that’s why we bring different varieties , because people can see how different they are. She explained that they also sell different coffee beans to the public. “Decaf Columbia is a bit sweet,” Rockwell said. “We also have two Guatemalan (coffees) right now. They tend to be more milky chocolate on the front and then have that orange aftertaste.

It’s Rockwell’s passion. Whenever she had the chance, she talked with customers about the flavors and elements of each drink. “It’s always nice, warm, fuzzy and pleasant. People are so excited to find out (the coffee) and they love to know why someone would roast coffee the way we roast it.

The TPRFM takes place almost every two months, bringing over 200 vendors to Trenton. For more information on the TPRFM, see http://www.trentonprfm.com for their next events in the region. You can also check out One Up One Down at 750 Cass Street, Trenton, NJ, and on their website at https://www.oneuponedowncoffee.com.

Diana J. Carleton