Punk rock flea market draws fans to Akron

AKRON, Ohio — Akron held a punk rock flea market at Lock 3 on Saturday. There were more than 60 different unique vendors, food trucks, drinks and live punk rock bands.

What do you want to know

  • Akron held a punk rock flea market in Lock 3 on Saturday
  • There were over 60 unique vendors, food trucks, drinks and live punk rock music
  • The punk rock fans in attendance ranged from children to the elderly
  • People from different backgrounds, with different styles and lives have all come together around their love of punk rock music

Lifetime punk rock fan Jeff McDaniel was present at the flea market. He loved seeing so many people who are part of the punk rock community.

“Seeing a lot of cool tattoos, a lot of other music lovers here,” he said.

The punk rock community allows fans to bond over music and express themselves, which is something McDaniel enjoys the most.

“This punk rock culture is very communal,” McDaniel said. “There’s a lot of shared experiences…the love of shared music is, you know, across the whole spectrum.”

Although the best thing the punk rock genre has given him, he says, is his wife. He met her while hooking up with his favorite punk rock band, Blink-182.

“We were at a party through his sorority and I started talking to him about Blink-182 stuff and we just kind of bonded through that,” McDaniel said.

The flea market was full of people of all ages, backgrounds and styles, bonded by their love for punk rock music.

Diana J. Carleton