Mystery Actions unleashes a new explosion of anti-war punk rock

Four-piece Local Mystery Actions reminds Gossip Wolf of the cool, slightly intimidating kids of Chicago’s street-punk scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when it centered on Clark and Belmont, particularly Punkin ‘Donuts and the Alley. Maybe it’s because the band – vocalist Nikki Mouse, guitarist Lucy Dekay, drummer Rose Beef and bassist Mikhael Hell – churned out some hard-ass, high-speed punk that earned them slots for supporting timeless heroes such as the Dead Boys, Buzzcocks, GBH and drug addicts. Mystery Actions have been working on an as-yet-untitled EP due out Friday, May 20, and just last week they released their scorching debut single, “War Beat.” On Friday, May 13, they debut the “War Beat” video at GMan Tavern as part of a show there with Watermelon and Exedo.

The “War Beat” video isn’t available until it premieres on Friday, May 13, but the song is.

They’re not mercenaries who escaped from a military stockade, but brand new local thrash band Ready for Death are a lot like the A-Team – five weirdos brought together by unlikely circumstances that reliably create action explosive. The group includes members of Racetraitor (Dan Binaei), Baggage (former Reader Luca Cimarusti), Pelican (Dallas Thomas), Indecision (Artie White) and Haggathorn (Shawn Brewer), and in April they released their fierce debut single, “Cyborg Priest”. On Saturday, May 14, they play their first live gig, at 7 p.m., at Tone Deaf Records, featuring an opening set by sludgy stoner trio These Beasts.

The video for “Cyborg Priest”. Someone in this group really likes John Carpenter and Paul Verhoeven.

Chicago punks Daddy’s Boy have a heck of a lineup: Jon Strasheim (aka Oblivious Newton Jon), Bandcamp Daily editor Jes Skolnik (Split Feet), Neal Markowski (Retreaters, Future Living) and Bryan Gleason (Fake Limbs). They’ve been pretty quiet lately, and their new feature, Good news!, looks like they saved up some things to complain about. Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Good news! channel every ounce of frustration from the past few years into agitprop rippers!

On their Bandcamp page, Daddy’s Boy says they “rather spend time cooking meals together than working out.”

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Diana J. Carleton