How to keep up with the 2000s fashion trend today

It’s been almost two decades since Avril Lavigne released her pop-punk anthem, Sk8er Boi, in the world, and nothing much has changed.

The singer always hangs out with the skateboarder, because his very first TikTok with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk showed us. She was also recently featured on Willow Smith’s new pop-punk album, produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Image: Courtesy of Willow Smith Instagram

Yes, Barker is more than the guy who got Kourtney Kardashian to wear vintage band t-shirts. He is also behind the resurgence of the pop-punk genre which is now led by Yungblud, TikTok’s Lil Huddy and, most notably, rapper-turned-rockstar Machine Gun Kelly.

Naturally, the pop-punk revival goes beyond music – we see it in fashion too. It was inevitable, given the relentless return of Y2K fashion trends, from low-rise jeans to whale tails. Now, the other side of the decade’s fashion is also making waves, reminding us of how the Good Charlotte twins dated Juicy Couture-clad princesses Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Image: Courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo Instagram

According to Lyst, searches for striped ties and Vans have increased since Lavigne debuted on TikTok. And the platform also notes the growing influence of Olivia Rodrigo, who introduced her Gen Z fans to pop-punk fashion through her spunky music videos and Instagram outfits, tartan miniskirts and all.

We know it’s all the little things that count to channel the edgy look, so we’ve put together a guide to help you stay on trend. Check out our must-have items below.

Header photo credit: Olivia Rodrigo / Youtube

The pop-punk scene was fueled by teenage angst, which emerging pop star Olivia Rodrigo communicates today through a stuck-out tongue. But if you don’t pull off the face as well as her, or don’t have your favorite Fall Out Boy lyrics tattooed on your arm, your next best option is to wear a graphic tee. Cut to perfection, this sleeveless t-shirt from Diesel (Rs 5,999) is an irresistible choice with its graphic pattern.

Vivienne Westwood, the godmother of punk, needs no introduction. No more than the London designer’s pearl and orb choker (approximately Rs 22,000) which has become known as the “TikTok necklace”, thanks to its meteoric popularity. The pop-punk scene didn’t wear pearls, but she would have worn this choker had she known Westwood shared her protest values.

Unlike the 2000s, today’s tartan has an enduring bent, as Willow Smith demonstrated in her music video for Transparent Soul. She wore a skirt by up-and-coming London fashion label Chopova Lowena, which is best known for its handmade patchwork skirts made from leftover fabrics and unsold textiles. This style called Aseem Kapoor’s Neel Sleti Bhanu Pleated Skirt (Rs 16,000) is the adult take on the pop-punk version.

At the time, an array of musicians, from Avril Lavigne to Billie Joe Armstrong, wore studded belts around their hips in a nod to their punk predecessors. Today, it’s a flashy accessory that will add a bold edge to your jeans (pop punks have fetishized skinny jeans, but find out which fit suits you best here).

Adopt the baggy camo pants but with a modern twist, as seen on these jogging pants from Kapda by Urvashi Kaur. It’ll look great with a vintage band tee, while nodding to that other, more seductive side of 2000s fashion with its low rise and revealing cutouts.

Pop-punk fashion is intrinsically tied to skater style, and nothing screams Sk8er Boi like a pair of Vans. With the resurgence of 2000s fashion trends, it’s no surprise that searches for the brand’s Anaheim Factory sneakers (Rs 3,879), like this one, have spiked this year. What we love about this pair is that they carry Vans’ signature checkerboard pattern, but in a subtle way that won’t make you cringe years later.

Diana J. Carleton