How Emmy Rossum turned into “Barbie Punk-Rock” for Angelyne

“ID to like be like Barbie”, Emmy Rossum as Angelyne puts it in the Peacock series of the same name. “She lives a painless existence. You can stick her with things and she won’t cry, she doesn’t hurt. Wouldn’t it be nice to never hurt? »

Angelyne, a mystery woman who in the 1980s turned into an icon by churning out billboards with her own image all over Los Angeles, may come across as a so-called bimbo – a bleached blonde who dresses like a Bratz doll – but she negotiates like a lawyer and promotes herself like an influencer “Ever since I was little, I’ve known that fame is my destiny,” she coos. “Huge, gigantic fame.”

Rossum found Angelyne when she was little, searching for her own destiny. “I was 13, in Los Angeles for the first time in a Hertz rental car with my mom, auditioning for pilot season, and I looked out the rental car window and saw his billboard,” she said. Charm. “I was so struck by her image. I saw a woman who was beautiful and provocative and empowered in her body, certainly in all the ways I didn’t understand my own feminine power at the time.

Rossum had questions. “I started asking people, ‘Who is Angelyne?’ and they were all lighting up and going, ‘Oh, the queen of billboards?’ And they were telling me a completely different story about him,” she laughs. “That’s what fascinated me: the enigma. How can you be so famous and yet so unknown at the same time?

Rossum as Angelyne


angelyne, which releases its first of five episodes this week, is the brainchild of Rossum, a 13-year-old girl’s fantasy developed with a grown woman’s perspective on performance, self-presentation and the creation of myths. With the help of series creator Nancy Oliver, showrunner Allison Miller, and a strong hair and makeup team that included a “contact lens technician” and several prosthetic artists, Rossum transformed into Angelyne. , a woman for whom the false is authentic. Rossum took off the Angelyne mask (or more accurately, the wig, bodysuit, lenses and breast plate) and opened up about the outfits she loves the most, being a role model for her baby girl and the controversy on Tom Holland’s age.

Diana J. Carleton