Do you remember Pet Rocks? Well, have you ever owned a punk rock?

Do you remember Pet Rocks? Because I grew up in the 70s, I have a vague memory of Pet Rocks. They were all the rage at Christmas 1975 and I’m sure I got one from Santa.

They only cost four dollars and they came with everything you need to take care of your pet. As you saw in the video, there was a cardboard carrying case, wood shavings (as if the stone needed the same housing as a hamster or gerbil), a rock (that is- ie the pet) and a detailed manual on how to care for the rock. LOL!

Looking back, it was so stupid. But it was also hilarious and the trend carried over into the 80s where my pet got a little more edgy.

Chad Benefield

Chad Benefield

When I was in college, I learned Spanish with Sue Morris. Sue’s son Kevin, by the way, was my childhood best friend. I was at their house all the time, and honestly, I was in Sue’s class a lot too. The Spanish class used to compete in foreign language competitions, and I remember going to the Western Kentucky University campus for a year to do just that.

I participated in some sort of Spanish literacy contest and was part of the choir that performed De Colores. By the way, I bombed the literacy division, but I seem to remember that our De Colores performance was good enough for a 1st or 2nd place.

But what I remember most about this particular trip was our visit to the WKU student center. I remember a few things about it. #1 – They had a bowling alley and because I was a junior bowler I thought that was amazing. #2 – They had a student gift shop with the coolest and funniest things ever.

They had punk rock! Yes!! They basically had Pet Rocks with Mohawks.

Chad Benefield

Chad Benefield

Now I don’t know why I still have them. My mom discovered them recently while she was looking through some “CHAD” boxes stored in her attic. They immediately brought back memories and I still think they’re hilarious.

I brought them with me to work and some of my colleagues laughed at them. Honestly, the more I think about it. My Pet Punk Rocks outlasted all my other pets.

I mean, look at this little guy.

Chad Benefield

Chad Benefield

This punk is almost 40 years old and still seems ready to rock!

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