Colorful sounds: new Indonesian music, from improvised gamelan to punk rock – Entertainment

Yudhistira Agato (The Jakarta Post)


Jakarta ●
Tue 30 November 2021

Whether it’s a modern R&B track backed by a major record label or a modern take on traditional Javanese music, Indonesia has no shortage of new talent.

There’s nothing quite like finding new music that resonates. From a traditional improvisational gamelan track to 80s-influenced disco-pop and energetic guitar-driven hardcore punk, here are some new Indonesian tracks to enjoy.

Ensemble Sandikala – ‘Herutjokro as posthuman’

Teaming up with the Sandikala Ensemble on gamelan, young composer from Yogyakarta Dion Nataraja presents a unique intersection of traditional Javanese music and improvisation. In the instrumental piece “Herutjokro as Posthuman”, the sons-in-law and defile (flute) are played in alternate chords with careful attention to dynamics and space, giving the piece a mysterious and eerie vibe that makes it a perfect fit for mystical Javanese horror film music. Perfect for those craving a cultural hybrid experimental sound.

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