Avril Lavigne returns to pop punk music with her new single “Bite Me” – The Wayne Stater

Avril Lavigne is returning to the music industry by reviving her signature pop punk vibe in her new single, “Bite Me.” The track was released on November 10 via Travis Barker’s label, DTA Records, and Barker is featured on drums. This single is a preview of Lavigne’s seventh studio album which is due out in early 2022.

A lot of the current pop-punk songs that are coming out have taken the influence and inspiration from the pop punk songs of the early 90s and 2000s and mixed in a bit of the new sound to merge the two. In the first verse, that sound comes to life, similar to how Machine Gun Kelly produced their album, “Tickets to My Downfall” which was released earlier this year in August. Lavigne’s debut album “Let Go,” which turns 20 in 2022, is the best-selling record by a 21st-century Canadian artist. His debut album, as well as his discography, influenced and shaped the iconic sounds and styles of the pop punk genre. She wrote “Let Go” at the age of 16 and 17 when she released her first single, “Complicated”. “Complicated” reached number one in several countries around the world and led to Lavigne becoming the youngest female soloist to have a number one album in the UK.

“Bite Me” is a pop punk breakup anthem, written from Lavigne’s perspective of naively falling in love with the wrong person. The music video begins with Lavigne aggressively getting out of a Jeep and past Barker who is leaning against a brick building. Lavigne is shown with her classic blonde hair with bright pink spiky mid-lengths, bringing back the nostalgic look of her 2000s era. The video goes between shots of Lavigne performing the song outside with a band in an ally in brick. Lavigne gets revenge on her ex-lover at the end of the clip when she is seen through the peephole of her apartment door, knocking before smashing her guitar against the door, ending the video.

His voice is strong and rises on the heavy beat provided by Travis’ drums. The first and second verses detail in lyrics a messy breakup Lavigne went through and her revenge against her partner for the way he treated her throughout the relationship. It’s a drum-heavy song with Lavigne’s powerful vocals on the beat. Lavigne opens the song with, “Hey you, you should’ve known better, better fuck with someone like me / Hey you, forever and ever you gon’ wish I was your wife.” Lavigne describes her leaving that relationship and regretting that it even happened in the first place.

The pre-chorus is, “Look at it, we didn’t make it / You bit off more than you can chew, can you taste it?” Then entering the chorus, “Hey you, you should’ve known better, better fuck with someone like me / Hey you, forever and ever you gon’ wish I was your wife.” “I should’ve held on, I should’ve treated me right / I gave you a chance not to have it twice / Hey you, and we’ll never be together, so baby, you can bite me. ”

In the song’s second verse, Lavigne sings, “These things you said, might be the last I heard / So come get your clothes in the front yard / Sprinklers on, burn the rest in the back yard / I should have guts just to say ‘Goodbye’ / Now you’re gonna have regrets for the rest of your life. Lavigne wants absolutely nothing to do with this guy after he failed to try to mend the relationship when she gave him time to change.

The production of “Bite Me” incorporates a sound that is slowly returning to mainstream music. Many people don’t like new songs from this style of music, an example being the public reaction to MGK’s latest album, “Tickets to My Downfall”. He received a lot of negative comments online and from the media when he first announced he was recording a pop punk album. He’s known for his fast-paced rap albums, so not many people wanted to see him record anything, “out of his way.” Despite the lack of enthusiasm for the release, the album still reached number one on the Billboard charts.

Lavigne also received negative feedback on her new music and was chastised for creating music with her personal sound. Lavigne has experimented with so many different styles throughout her musical career beyond her signature pop punk style. She has the talent and vocal power to bring that style back, and she continues to grow in relevance and popularity, while improving her talent as she releases new music. Lavigne had major pop hits including “My Happy Ending” which peaked at number three on the Billboard charts, “I’m With You” which reached number one on the charts, “What The H***” and ” Girlfriend”. Lavigne’s most successful song, “Complicated,” peaked at No. 13 on the charts for 26 weeks when it debuted in 2002. “Complicated” is also Lavigne’s most successful adult contemporary song.

Lavigne’s new single, “Bite Me,” puts a modern twist on her debut studio album with a heavy, catchy, pop punk-oriented new school track. She sounds amazing and the track has the perfect tone on her vocals, with Lavigne hitting some stellar notes, which comes from her time spent trying out different genres of music. In my opinion, these things stand out as telltale signs of an artist who will continue to grow and flourish but who is also still true to his craft. To come back and make that sound at that moment was the perfect move on Lavigne’s part. The music industry has big names in this genre, which means more people are listening. Lavigne took her shot at returning to her core genre and bringing it back stronger than her debut album.

Lavigne’s experience trying out different genres of music allowed her to achieve a fuller style in her voice. So when she goes back to writing pop punk music, a lot of things come to life and she brings more talent to the genre. I believe this song is going to be a huge hit for Lavigne, because everyone who fell in love with her debut album will also love this song. The song shows a great growth of old Lavigne material, giving her fans a chance to hear those moments come to life in a newer, yet familiar style.

Diana J. Carleton