10 Games That Use A Unique “Punk” Style Other Than Steampunk Or Cyberpunk

The various “punk” genres were never really given much thought in the gaming world until the hype surrounding CD Projekt RED. Cyberpunk 2077. The likes of cyberpunk and steampunk have been popular themes and settings for many movies, TV shows, and video games for years, but we often forget or don’t even know that there are several other “punk” genres out there.

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Some apply to certain time periods and their influences on other time periods, while others focus on specific themes, aspects, or even resources as their primary focus. Most video games share similarities with at least one of these subgenres, although this is not a general theme.

ten Bioshock thrives on its Decopunk influences

BioShock 2 drill

Decopunk is essentially the other side of the dieselpunk coin. Its focus being mostly away from the wartime antics of the time, and more focused on the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne styles of art that were present at the same time in places such as New York and Chicago.

Bioshock is the franchise that best represents this style. From the heavy swing and big band influenced music in the background to the general overall aesthetic, its unique take on decopunk influences is what makes it such a memorable franchise.

9 The Fallout series is an obvious example of atompunk

Key art from Fallout New Vegas showing a man walking towards the entrance to a town.

Even from the name, you’d be right to assume that Fall falls under the atompunk category. Atompunk often borrows and uses imagery and general aesthetics from the mid-1940s to late-1960s, from mid-century modernism to early Cold War espionage. Atompunk focuses on the potentiality and near-inevitability of nuclear war and its potential consequences on society, especially given the tension surrounding aspects like the space race at the time.

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From Fall series at the Incredibles films, the atompunk era spans these quaint suburban families and areas, having to prepare and adapt accordingly to developments, both before and after nuclear war. the Fall game series are the perfect summary and representation of this era.

8 Biopunk focuses on biotechnology and genetic engineering as with Prototype

Video game prototype

Unlike many other “punk” genres and subgenres, biopunk is not necessarily restricted or limited to a certain period of time, as it often focuses on biotechnology, genetic engineering, and ultimately the consequences that arise from such experimentation.

Games such as Prototype, which not only focuses on genetic engineering companies such as Gentek dealing with the fallout of their discoveries and experiments, but also the characters who are given new powers and abilities as a result. Biopunk seems to explore a different facet of human enhancement than cyberpunk, with its exploration of the likes of cloning and pandemics, and the topics of ethics and identity surrounding them.

seven Leonardo da Vinci’s gadgets in Assassin’s Creed II are an example of Clockpunk

Ezio and Leonardo da Vinci Assassin's Creed 2

Clockpunk is mostly present in Renaissance or Baroque contexts, where inventors were really starting to strut their stuff, in terms of making gear to wind up with their wacky ideas. These contraptions rely on clockwork and gears, a far cry from the steam or fossil fuels of other “punk” eras.

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assassin’s creed 2 falls into this bracket, largely due to the involvement of historical figure, Leonardo da Vinci, who is often on hand to help Ezio with equipment and contraptions, apparently way ahead of his time.

6 The nanotechnology featured in Crysis makes it an example of nanopunk

Nanopunk is similar to biopunk in that it perfects technology through experimentation, but with nanotechnology rather than biotechnology.

the Crysis the game series focuses on characters who use and ultimately rely on nanotechnology-perfected suits for full field optimization, initially following the nanosuit-clad soldiers of Raptor Team in the original Crysis. Crysis 3 even saw the advancement of nanotechnology, the scale of which saw a nanodome envelop New York.

5 Nowpunk is fiction based on relevant circumstances with a twist, as with Watch Dogs

Proof that almost any type of video game can fall into a “punk” category in one form or another, nowpunk was coined to describe an idea of ​​fiction that takes place at the same time or in the same setting as the real world at the time of publication. It basically looks at real events and how it can affect people in different ways, possibly leading to alternate outcomes and situations.

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From a video game perspective, Watch dogs falls into this category, with its fictional take on Chicago adding this alternative chaos to the world.

4 The Wolf Among Us is Elfpunk at its finest

Bigby Wolf in Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us

Elfpunk is essentially urban fantasy, where mythological or fantastical creatures are somehow integrated into human society, either accepted or shunned. This often raises ethical and moral dilemmas regarding inclusion and stereotyping.

The wolf among us is an example of elfpunk, set in 1986, following the events that saw mythological creatures flee their homeland to colonial America, where they created an enclave known as Fabletown, located in the current Manhattan. The wolf among us is a great game on its own, and being a product of Telltale Games, the ethical and moral dilemmas in question are only more frequent and severe, not too dissimilar to their Walking Dead series of games.

3 The dark and gloomy world of Gothic is Devil May Cry In A Nutshell

Gothpunk is a much darker alternative to cyberpunk, not only in terms of general plot directions, but also in its aesthetic and overall setting. Towns and landmarks are generally dark and spooky, drawing inspiration from French noir while adding horror and supernatural aspects.

With vampires and demons added to these settings, games such as the devil may cry adapt to the law. From the blurring of demonic and human worlds to their inevitably dark clashes and clashes, gothpunk describes most games that combine all of these dark and fantastical elements.

2 Mad Max’s Baron Wastelands is an example of a Steelpunk setting

mad max car blast

Of all the “punk” genres and subgenres, steelpunk is arguably the most likely to draw inspiration from current punk music, styles, and looks. Steelpunk is the name we can give to most games set in dystopian and post-apocalyptic worlds, which are not technologically advanced enough to be classified as cyberpunk.

Desert wastelands are usually the go-to setting for steelpunk movies or games, with madmax being a perfect example. We often forget that the madmax The franchise had an engrossing open-world game for the likes of PS4 and Xbox One released in 2015, to accompany the 1990 NES game.

1 Dieselpunk is the natural progression of Steampunk with Wolfenstein representing this change

Dieselpunk is a very logical progression from steampunk, both in terms of premise and general application. While steampunk is heavily based on and inspired by 19th century steam engines, dieselpunk is ultimately the technological advancement of fossil fuel technology from the interwar to mid of the 20th century, in the United States and in Europe. .

the Wolfenstein the games in particular saw a unique application of a dieselpunk universe, with the robots and mechs that are on display, in particular, representing that era. Tanks, zeppelins, and war-inspired aircraft also fall into this category.

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